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Fat to Fit, Bit by Bit by Dr. Steven Doholis
This Book is for Everyone!

"Small behavioral changes in diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, over time, can successfully meet your goals of weight loss and long term health."
                                    Dr. Stephen Doholis

Whether you are already on an intense daily work out regimen, watching what and when you eat; have standing appointments at your chiropractor and massage therapist; and have plans to run in the next marathon...or...at the other extreme, you're on the SEE-FOOD diet, (you eat all of what YOU see); snack on potato chips late night in front of the 'tube'; and your only marathon is a quick trip to the store at 'half time' for another six pack...

Everyone will get some pointers on how to either start their journey back to health or to fine tune what and where you are to a higher level.

Fat To Fit, Bit By Bit Lecture Series
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Dining Out Tip:
Concerned about WHAT you're eating when dining out, and what it will do to your diet?
Log on to www.healthydiningfinder.com and search a database of the healthiest dishes from more than 30,000 eateries.
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